EV Charging Systems


Style and function in a complete package

Take your EV infrastructure project to the next level with the WattStation charger and WattStation Connect software. This integrated hardware and web enabled mobile software solution helps manage & control your charging stations remotely, define and set pricing plans, and generate valuable reports.

With its modern, sleek design, the award-winning GE WattStation will fit into any commercial, public or retail location. The unique cord management system ensures that the WattStation’s cord is easy and safe to stow between uses.

WattStation™ Wall Mount

Sleek and space-saving

GE introduces the other coolest thing in the garage, the WattStation Wall Mount. This smart, compact charging station features a timeless design and is the perfect complement to any EV.

The WattStation Wall Mount provides an added convenience for EV owners in public or private parking garages. At home, EV owners benefit from its simplicity and convenience. The WattStation Wall Mount is NEMA 3R rated so it’s rugged enough to be installed outdoors.

A power button on the front ensures zero energy consumption when the unit is not in use.



When you need rugged flexibility

DuraStation features a robust, upgradeable charger available in 4 mounting options, including single-pedestal, double-pedestal, pole-mounting, and wall-mounting options.

Each version has the option for a Radio Frequency Identification reader (RFID), allowing users to gain charging authorization by waving an RFID card over the reader.